A gene of breast cancer with poor prognosis

A gene of breast cancer with poor prognosis

The BCL11A gene is overactive in nearly eight out of ten patients with breast cancer and their presence is associated with more advanced tumor grade. Almost one in five patients with breast cancer has the triple negative type, a type of tumor that lacks three receptor proteins (no receptors for estrogen, progesterone and HER2) responsive… Continue reading »

A new way to combat smoking

A new study by scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot shows that the combination of the smell of tobacco with unpleasant miasma is a promising method for the treatment of nicotine addiction. As discovered by researchers from Israel, smokers who during their sleep exposed to the smell of cigarettes mixed with offensive… Continue reading »

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – the potential risks and benefits for the gastrointestinal tract

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a group of compounds with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory and, in most cases able to suppress platelet aggregation. Their main mechanism of action is inhibition of the activity of enzymes involved in the metabolism of arachidonic acid. In this paper also discusses the different mechanisms of action of NSAIDs. Presents… Continue reading »


Vermox is a broad spectrum anthelmintic action. Vermox (generic name: mebendazole) is active against Enterobios vermicularis, Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris lumbricoides, Ancylostoma duodenale, Necator americanus, Strongyloides sterooralis, Taenia spp. Prevents the formation of cellular tubulin in helminths, thus violating the utilization of glucose and inhibits the formation of ATP. After oral administration of mebendazole practically not… Continue reading »

Treatment of intestinal worms in humans

If you suspect that helminth infections should be treated in private clinical centers in parasitology, and public health centers to the therapist. Treatment depends on plant species and the corresponding call of the disease varies widely. Diagnosing of helminth infections is very difficult, some are easily confused with cancer processes, for example, alveococcosis. Methods of… Continue reading »

Albenza for pinworms

Cases of pinworm infection are seen most in many cases at schools, daycare centers and other institutional settings. Pinworm infection is caused by a trivial, thin, white roundworm called Enterobius vermicularis. Although pinworm infection can affect all people, it most commonly occurs among children, institutionalized persons, and household members of persons with pinworm infection. The medications utilized by reason of the treatment of pinworm are Vermox (http://westerndrugsdirect.com/vermox/), pyrantel pamoate, and Albenza http://www.albendazole.pw/Continue reading »

Buy Amlodipine No RX

Generic Norvasc (Amlodipine) is a RX tab for hypertension manufactured by Pfizer. There are several tablets that treat this disease . But only Generic Norvasc is sold in more than 80 countries and has been tested in more than 700 clinical studies. Generic Norvasc can control high blood pressure for 24 hours and is also… Continue reading »

Buy Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Online

Nolvadex (generic name: tamoxifen citrate) is a drug that is known to fight against chest cancer. In medical terms, it is referred as SERM (particular estrogen receptor modulator). Nolvadex is also toughened quest of the banning of gynocomastia, which is a humanitarian of tumor. Individually from the uniform chemist shops, where this dope is same… Continue reading »